SGV Seals Boot Bank
Posted Jul 27, 2018


What: A place to exchange your CLEAN and out-grown cleats.


Where:  For now, It will be placed in the storage shed at our practice field.  Currently we practice at Temple City High School.


How: Clean your out-grown cleats, tie the laces together and lable the heels with the size.  Place your old cleats in the cabinet on the appropriate shelf.  Take home a pair that you need.




 A Couple Other Notes:

  • Yes, you can take cleats even if you don't bring a pair for exchange.
  • Please clean cleats before putting them on the shelf.
  • If the cleats have holes or broken soles please don't bring them.
  • Only bring soccer cleats.  No baseball or American football cleats
  • The Boot Bank will be open whenever we are training; before, during and after training.
  • There will also be a box for shin guards and socks, so guards and socks may also be available

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